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Institute of Health
and Nutrition

The world of micronutrients

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We are moved by the world of micronutrients

Passion meets innovation.

Since 2004 we have been intensively engaged in scientific research, training and further education as well as advice on all aspects of micronutrients. We have specialized in the field of secondary plant substances .

Our lectures, training courses and publications are met with great enthusiasm by consumers and professionals worldwide.

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Advisory. Science. Training.

Recognize deficits. Optimize potentials.


One of the most important building blocks of our company is advice on various health issues. The focus is on the possibilities of using highly active micronutrients. Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a company - we would be happy to advise you.



The basis of our work is conscientious, scientific research. We combine these with our own empirical values and publish them in series of publications or books.


We are happy to pass on the know-how that we have developed and collected over decades to interested parties as part of one of our training courses. Our lectures inspire worldwide, are scientific well-founded and clear at the same time.

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