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Lesung mit Kaffee


By Margot Ritzer.

Leistungen: Willkommen

Nature reserve human

When luxury becomes the norm.

ISBN: 9783844805772

Hormones as crew members on cruise ships, allergy triggers in criminal files!
Health issues – easy to understand, comprehensive and explained with a wink!

"Human Nature Reserve", another book by Margot Ritzer, is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to know more about additives in food, the evaluation of medicines and the body's own blockages such as hyperacidity. In a unique way, this book builds bridges from many areas of knowledge. The "sabotage in the intestinal recycling plant" is explained just as clearly as the mode of action of drugs or additives in food and drugs.

The author also conveys scientific details that are difficult to understand in an easy-to-read manner and often with amusing "object lessons". The book enlightens without frightening and without pointing fingers. At the same time, Margot Ritzer insistently holds up the fool's mirror to us – and to herself as well. The author's personal experiences alternate with scientific facts in an entertaining manner.
The book by the popular speaker and author is easy to read, but also excellent to use as a reference work.

Naturschutzgebiet Mensch_Buch_breit.jpg

Naturschtuzgebiet Mensch


"I-Weight" instead of yo-yo effect

I SBN 978-3-8482-4128-6

Nutritional errors, hormones, intestinal flora and other influences that follow our body through “thick and thin” throughout our lives.

In her new book, the successful medical journalist describes everything that accompanies us through “thick and thin” in the well-known amusing and equally informative form. It is also about metabolism and the evaluation of fats, carbohydrates and protein, about blockages such as permanent stress and estrogen dominance, which can call into question the way to ego weight. And above all about ways to break through these blockages.

In the second part of the book, Margot Ritzer presents special recipes by Christian Schneider, who was also voted one of Germany's 500 best chefs by Gault Millau for many years because of his creativity. An all-round successful combination of entertainment and information.

Available now in bookstores under ISBN 978-3-8482-4128-6, 104 pages, €14.90. Paperback, 104 pages, 12 of them in colour, printed on 200 g FSC® -certified photo brilliant paper (FSC® is the symbol for responsible forest management).

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