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Individually. Professional. Useful..

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This is what the ONEMORE concept offers

For everyone who wants more.




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Test and train individually.

Learn the right balance of gas and brake.

As with sporty mountain biking, a good balance between gas and brakes is a crucial factor for success (and our health) in our lives. Our gas (sympathetic) and our brake (parasympathetic) form the core elements of our autonomic nervous system. They determine how fast we drive, how well we brake and how flexibly we can switch between the two systems.

As in cycling, a good braking system is particularly important for us humans, as it controls our heart rate in particular. A well-adjusted and resilient brake is also the basis for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Only with the right balance is our body able to adapt to the various stresses. This is measured, for example, by the so-called heart rate variability measurement (HRV).

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Full body

Recognize your problem areas early!

Ganzheitliche Analyse
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Holistic. Pain free. Fast.

Our body - a perfect orchestra! Check the energetic state of your body quickly and painlessly with the help of holistic measurement methods (e.g. comprehensive cell frequency measurement).

How it works? Modern analysis systems of this type measure and interpret frequency patterns of different cell types. Similar to other analysis methods, certain problem areas are identified based on the deviation from an ideal state.

The big advantage of this technology: Due to the extremely sensitive measuring method, imbalances become clear very early on and can be compensated for in the sense of prevention. Even before they manifest themselves through symptoms.

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The basis for energy and performance!

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Be well taken care of and lay a solid foundation

Micronutrients are the cornerstones of a healthy and efficient organism. Vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, minerals and many more are the cogs in our body that keep the system running. Without them, our processes will eventually come to a standstill.

These small but all the more important little helpers activate our immune system, build our cells, form our DNA, produce hormones and much more.

Due to their unbelievable importance for our health, the first warning signals in the form of symptoms can be heard even with slight deficiencies (e.g. with magnesium). These can manifest themselves in tiredness, irritability, muscle cramps or similar. These first warning signals should already be a reason for us to intervene. If we don't do this, an almost unstoppable chain reaction occurs, in which manifest and sometimes irreparable damage occurs in the organism. Illnesses can result.

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