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Margot Ritzer

Margot Ritzer was born in June 1954 in Aschaffenburg. The large family (5 siblings, 17 nieces and nephews) includes a number of doctors, pharmacists and other scientists.

After graduating from high school and studying marketing, she began her career in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked in various companies, including in other European countries, in sales, marketing and development, some in leading positions.

In her everyday work, she mainly takes care of ensuring quality in her own company. There she is also responsible for the entire marketing, training and development area. For many years, Ms. Ritzer has been known nationwide for her interesting lectures and training courses in the field of healthy nutrition and dietary supplements. At the end of 2003, Margot Ritzer founded the Institute for Nutrition and Health (IFEG). The institute is independent.

The main tasks of the institute at a glance:

  • Scientific research on vital substances and their relevance for dietary supplements

  • Legal basis of dietary supplements

  • Creation of generally understandable documents about vital substances and natural orthomolecular active ingredients

  • Creation of test series to check new dietary supplements


As one of the most experienced German experts in the field of dietary supplements, the medical journalist and author is a member of medical committees and expert teams in various specialist journals.

Your lectures and seminars are generally appreciated nationwide due to the high information content and the nevertheless entertaining atmosphere

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